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Cal Poly Fencing Safety Rules

Last updated 4/5/2000 by hnelson

  1. Participants must always be masked when weapons are raised, point forward. This means for all occasions, including simple discussions of actions. Do not remove your mask hastily during interruptions or at the end of the drill or bout.

  2. Glove, jacket, long pants, and mask are required for all bouting and paired practice. Wear proper non-scuffing foot gear for fencing and be sure shoes are clean when you enter the gym to avoid dust and dirt buildup which makes floors slippery.

  3. Inspect masks and weapons each time you choose them. Inspect tips occasionally during bouting. Bring all defective or broken equipment to the instructor.

  4. Stop fencing immediately if you think something is wrong or if your opponent retreats and waves the unarmed hand or gives any sign of wanting to stop. If you think a weapon is broken, stop fencing immediately.

  5. Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Each fencer must control parries and attacks so that the opponent is not injured by whipping or hard hitting actions of the blade. Do not cause body contact nor use the unarmed hand against the opponent or the opponent's blade or to "protect" your target. Do not turn your back to your opponent.

  6. If you feel a fencer is behaving in a dangerous fashion, report it privately to the instructor or officer of the club, who will not disclose your identity when he/she speaks to the fencer.

  7. Running attacks and counterattacks (attack into your opponent's attack) are not allowed until you have had instruction and ample practice and are able to execute these actions safely. Initiators of these attacks are responsible for preventing corps-a-corps (body contact), injury and weapon breakage.

  8. Report injuries immediately to either an instructor, club officer, or Rec Sports personnel. Remain where you are, if possible, until help arrives.